Rachael Curfew cuts through anxiety like a knife through soft butter. She guides the re-framing process masterfully until what remains is manageable now and makes total sense. We all struggle with some level of anxiety, even those of us in the helping professions. Sometimes we just need an external voice of reason, and someone to show us through unclear times.

Rachael was that for me. I knew what she was doing as she coached with me because we both received our training from Tony Robbins. I have to say she demonstrated her skill beautifully, and I am so much better for receiving her loving, well-implemented coaching.

Thank you Rachael

~Nicole Dennison, Largo Florida

Nicole Dennison


Before I met Rachael I had met with 5 different people. I didn't like any of them. In fact, some had told me I was bipolar and should see a psychotherapist. I knew from the first time we had met that she could help me. I was extremely emotional and mentally unstable and in just a matter of months she helped me turn my life completely around.

I am so blessed that a friend of mine referred me to her. I could not imagine where I would be without her help! She is my miracle worker. The best miracle Rachael has given me is the gift of being able to fully realize how amazing I am and can be by adjusting a small amount of things in my life. I recommend her to all of my friends. She has made me so happy I want everyone to be able to experience that. It's so crazy for me to think of where I was a year ago to now and how completely different my life is because of meeting with her. If you get the opportunity to meet with her, know you are a lucky soul.

Thanks seriously Rachael for everything you've done. I have over come so many obstacles this year because you've taught me how and shown me that I can do it! I still think about you all the time as I remember, "where your focus goes, your energy flows!"

You are an amazing woman.

~Savannah Leonard

Savannah Leonard


Thank you so much for your time. It really was invaluable. Thank you for identifying my block! It was staring me in my face & I wasn't able to recognize it! Your suggestion about writing out how I would like my work to look like has been very beneficial. This exercise made me aware of how I have been limiting myself. I really found our conversation useful because of the tools you reminded me to use. Thank you for that. I also love your "style" of coaching. You have an excellent way of communicating. Despite the fact that you knew nothing about me, I felt understood in so short a time & there was never any judgement. You are excellent at what you do & I felt your love for what you do! I will definitely recommend you to some of my friends. Thank you for getting me "moving" with life!
{Follow up} After talking to you something else happened. I have been for the longest time working on avoiding sugar in my diet & have been unsuccessful
After our conversation, I have not had any sugar & am not missing it either! I think after our conversation, I made a shift in my identity. So thank you for that! 
                                                                                                                            ~Fahmida Sayeed
Fahmida Sayeed


After working with Rachael Curfew I feel like a different person! I’m happier, more confident, more engaged with my life and much more optimistic about the future. Rachael is absolutely awesome at what she does, loving, caring, supportive, kind, considerate, compassionate, clever, wise and she has this ability to listen to what you’re saying and give you the tools to overcome the issues, pain or negativity you’re stuck in. I told Rachael one time that I wanted to start calling her RacHEAL because that’s what I feel she has done for me, she has healed me. I am eternally grateful to have such a warm and wonderful person in my life. If I was to use one word to sum up my experience with Rachael it would be “life-changing”.

~Charlie Leith, United Kingdom

Charlie Leith


Hi Rachael, thank you so much for our call today. I've felt some warmth in my heart that I haven't felt in a few months. You are so kind and skilled. Look forward to talking to you again!


-Larissa Amato, Massachusetts


“It was a pleasure meeting you today. You are such an amazing and incredible coach at heart, I could feel your energy…
Thank you so much for the great advice and you were spot on…thanks for sharing with me the great tips about asking another question. I liked that.

Looking forward to getting to know you more, learn more, and practice more in this exciting coaching adventure.”

~Celeste A, London


“Your advice on how to deal with my kids arguing with me has really helped!! Thank you!! “
~Nicole, Tooele Utah, December 30, 2012

~Nicole, Tooele Utah, December 30, 2012


“Overall I have been doing very well. I feel more at peace with life than I have in a very long time. I have been trying to just take it one day at a time and not let myself worry too much about the future. I want to thank you for all you did for me. Our discussions helped me so much and made me feel more confident in myself and in my ability to handle whatever comes my way. I really admire your strength and how you have turned a very difficult time in your life into a way to help others. You are an amazing lady!”

~Tooele, Utah


“I am doing great. Just being thankful for something everyday has helped me see that I am blessed everyday. Like that song, count your many blessings, day by day, name them one by one. See myself praying more and giving thanks for my many blessings. I see a better person in me that wants to do more things. And I gave all my thanks to you for helping me. I have a friend that I am worried about, she’s getting a divorce. She has 3 kids. I was wondering if you can talk to her. She lives in Utah, I told her about you.”

David S , Washington, March 14, 2013


“Rachael not only had the patience, but the skill to piece together the patterns in my past relationships to show me where the pitfalls were so I can have a successful current relationship. Understanding now how I view control, happiness and the dysfunctional model from my parents, I can avoid the things which sabotaged past relationships and move forward on the path I have been always searching for my entire life. I felt like someone was really listening and took what I said helped me make the connections between A and B to have many “ah ha” moments that were truly breakthrough moments. I learned more about myself in one session than years of traditional therapy.”

~North Carolina


To Rachael, and those who are considering her as a counselor or life coach:

I have tried many times in the last several months to write an adequate recommendation for her and all her work that she has not only done for myself, but other members of my family. I will not trudge through our (or my) difficulties here, but I would like to express my thoughts of her professionalism, enthusiasm, and ability to read through the experiences expressed in our appointments. She is able to take these and help me to see the problem clearly, by stating the issues back to me, and illustrating what the problem is, and how the possibilities are endless in resolving them!

She has provided assignments that when followed will not necessarily remove the opportunity for growth immediately, but show how to take it, review it, and do an activity that will assist me in overcoming the effects of it, which eventually removes the issue.

I can without reservation recommend Rachael West as a person of comfort, a person of abilities and experience that may assist anyone who comes into her office. Those who are fortunate enough to meet her, know of her ability to provide a clear means of overcoming all challenges with their lives. I trust her with not only my difficulties but those of my family, and I know you can trust her with yours.

My name is Mark Curtis, and I would consider it an honor to discuss any questions you may have regarding Rachael West to her abilities. I may be reached at (Personal Cell Phone) 1.435.224.4741.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in making this decision of improving your life by trusting Rachael West.

Mark Curtis, Tooele Utah


“Rachael West is very easy going. I have really enjoyed her sessions. If you are searching for answers, she is it!
I highly recommend her.”

Jess Woodruff, Tooele, Utah