Love. Forgive. Forget. DO!


I have been blessed with amazing parents. Throughout my entire life, my mom and my dad have always been my best friends. Perfect examples of UNconditional love regardless of anything me, or my five brothers did.

Last year, I lost my dad to Crohn’s disease which turned to cancer just shortly before he passed away.

And just this week, we lost my grandfather. He was a sweet man, an amazing grandfather, and served his country, but was in terrible pain the end part of his life– making it bittersweet to let him go.

But life does go on.

We get a choice to get up each day, to be productive or lazy, happy or sad, to be kind or to be mean, and to be grateful or complain.

So what are you choosing today?

Even though their is some sadness today for our family, I choose to remember the good, focus on the beauty around me, to thank the Lord for my blessings, love my family, to forgive those that have hurt me, and to get up and DO what scares me.

Life is short.

Don’t let anxiety, fears, worries, other’s opinions or thoughts hold you down.

We were all given the gift of life today. Don’t take it for granted.

Love. Forgive. Forget. and go DO! 

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