Life Skills Coach

Life Coaching, along with spiritual coaching, fitness coaching, weight loss coaching, financial coaching, and dozens of other types of coaching have been around for decades. Coaches are hired to help individuals make progress and move forward quickly in their relationships and personal goals.

Life Coaches give counsel, advice, encouragement, and support while individuals make immediate changes in key areas of their lives. Strategic Intervention life coaches teach strategies to improve relationships, overcome challenges with anxiety or depression, parenting stresses, and personal goals that  may include weight loss, organization, stress management, and success within your business.

Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions regarding coaching!

1). Is Life Coaching really for me? Coaching is for everyone! We coach men, women, teens, and children. Coaching is a simple and easy way to make progress and immediate change.

2). If I am having a problem, shouldn’t I see a professional counselor or therapist? Counselors and therapists are critical in the role of helping individuals dive into their past and aiding in the process of working through issues and trauma.  We encourage and support any individual who is seeking professional assistance. We recommend that any individual who is in danger, been physically or sexually abused, or any individual who has or is experiencing a major trauma within their life to please contact law enforcement, a professional counselor, therapist, or licensed clinical social worker immediately.

Life Coaches look to the future, they help their clients make progress within their lives, and ways for their client to be successful NOW.

3). How do I know if my Life Coach is any good? Talk to them, interview them, and ask them about their training. You can always ask for references as well.

Rachael Curfew is a certified life coach trained in Strategic Intervention,  Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention, and Working with Women through the Robbins Madanes Training Center. Rachael Curfew also incorporates EFT (tapping) into her coaching as well as expression through the creative arts and physical activities. Certified in the QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program. 

4). Are coaching services expensive? Pricing varies between coaches based on their knowledge, education, and experience.  Often times a coach will offer a series of sessions or a package at a special rate.

All sessions, regardless of in person or via video chat (Skype or FaceTime), need to be paid in full prior to the session beginning. Missed pre-paid sessions will NOT be refunded.

5). How long will I need coaching? Just like every individual is unique, so are the challenges we deal with. Some individuals might be ready to fully immerse themselves into the process while others may need a slower approach. Certified coaches can customize their approach to ensure your success.

Most coaches do prefer their clients to book a series of sessions. The strategies and tools they teach their clients build on each other. Consistent and committed progress by both the client and the coach ensures success.

6). Are there flexible options for appointments? Yes! Sessions can be scheduled in person at our office, but can also be in an environment you feel most comfortable in. Rachael Curfew has worked with clients in their own homes, their offices, and even at the local park. 

Phone and online video chat (Skype, FaceTime) options are available as well.

(Travel fees may be included for out of area sessions).

7). How do I schedule an appointment with Rachael Curfew? Call us at 435-841-2147 (please leave a message if we do not answer as we may be with a client), SKYPE reachrachael, or email us at

Local (Utah) clients may book an in person session, a phone, or a video conferencing session. Phone or video conferencing sessions are available to those who do not live in the local area or cannot meet in person. Evening and weekend sessions are available upon request.

Please note: We only accept clients who are motivated, willing to work hard, do the homework, and have a desire to experience true joy in their lives through the process of growth and change. Clients must sign a contract acknowledging they are willing to actively participate in the process, attend all scheduled sessions, reschedule appointments a minimum of 24 hours prior to avoid being billed for session, and keep bill current by paying account balance in full, prior to (before) each session. 

8). What can a life coach do for my business?  The American Psychological Association states that 43% of employees say that home and family responsibilities interfere with job performance. By hiring a life coach to come to your place of business on a weekly schedule to meet with your employees, they will feel supported not only in their job, but in their personal life as well. An employee who is supported in all the areas of their life will come to work ready to get results. Imagine if 43% of your employees came to work giving 100% every day? What type of return would you get as a business owner on your investment in your employees?

Contact Rachael Curfew directly to create a custom package for your business family.


DISCLAIMER: Rachael Curfew is not a physician, cannot write prescriptions, and is not associated directly with the medical industry.  Rachael Curfew does not handle legal issues. Parents who wish to retain services for their children must sign a consent form for their child to be taught strategic strategies to assist their child in handling anxiety, school pressures, depression, and other emotional or behavior needs.