How much does coaching REALLY cost?


I have two types of clients. The first type, is a client who schedules a weekly session with me and they pay upfront for 3 sessions at a time. They have homework they are encouraged to do and know there will be a follow up the next week on it.

The second type of client I have, schedules when they want or need a session. They pay at the time of the session. They are assigned homework.

Who is making the better investment?

Trust me, I know how hard it is financially to live in a world where finances are tight…. especially with raising a family. There have been times when survival is the only thing we can do.

But what if I shared a little secret with you?

Those who pay upfront, who have weekly accountability, and do the homework make life long, changes FAST! They are determined and committed to digging into their core and finding their strength, courage, and energy to make their life, and the lives of those around them better. They are making a difference in the world and they are happier!

The problem with stretching out appointments is that you never make any momentum. The cost of the problem you are hanging onto collects at a high interest rate, and in the end, you pay more… a lot more! You pay with your health, through your emotional state, and the weight of the challenge you carry around with you every day.

So, ask yourself…

What is the cost I am actually paying for this challenge?
How much interest do I want to pay?
What will it cost my health? My family?
My happiness?

and then…

What would my life look like without this problem?
What am I actually willing to pay to resolve it?
What would the quality of my life be without this problem?
What more could I do with my life without this problem or challenge?

Today is your day! Invest in yourself! You are worth it! And I will help!

If you will make a commitment to show up each week, do the homework, and give your best, I will commit to give you all that I have in helping teach you the strategies and tools you need to live a life anxiety free and full of joy!


  1. Hi Rachael. I have had some hard times with anxiety over the years. Tried lots of different types of things to help myself. Starting with the Charles Linden and then lots and lots of studying. I meditate, I’ve do a mindfulness course. I’ve read countless amount of books, and just love learning. But I’m still battling with anxiety feelings. My question is, do you think it ever reality goes away? look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks

    1. Hey Beau, I hear that from a lot of my clients. The good news is, there is always something they haven’t tried and that’s the one that usually works! Don’t give up!! ~Rachael

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