Help! My Anxiety is Controlling My Life


 Individuals with high anxiety usually feel like they are missing out on life, not sleeping, or can’t get their body to settle down enough to enjoy their own life.

Worry and fear become the two main feelings those with anxiety feel and they don’t know how to change it. They often say, “Help, my anxiety is controlling my life.”

The good new is, it can be changed!!

So, first, what is anxiety? How is it that so many people can have “anxiety,” and yet their physical symptoms can be so very different?

If I start describing that in certain situations my heart will start beating faster, my breathing changes, and my stomach gets these funny flutters I might be describing anxiety……. OR I might be describing EXCITEMENT!!

Did you know that our body displays the same physical symptoms for both anxiety and excitement?!

So what do you really have? Is it your body sending a message to you that getting up on stage and performing is not scary, it’s actually exciting?

Since anxiety is just a feeling, like anger, sadness, joy, contentment, or peace we can use these emotions as tools to help us navigate our life experiences.

And I know I sound like a broken record, but MOTION creates EMOTION!!

The quickest way to get out of an anxiety state, is to get up and move your body in a big way!! Jump on a bed! Swing on the swing set at the park, dance, belly laugh, or do a kart wheel! But whatever you choose, make a physical motion that when you are finished, you will know without doubt, that you are now in a new state, a state of excitement, love, or peace!!

So ask yourself:

Am I really anxious? Or am I excited? 
What motion can I do right now to get control of my own anxiety? 


  1. Hi. I have had anxiety for 5 yrs. I worry about everything. Especially my health. Every little symptom or sensation freaks me out.. I don’t want meds. I am afraid of side effects. I need my enjoyment back. 🙁

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